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What We Offer

To Realise Individual and Organisational Potential

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Coaching the Leaders

Mike delivers (virtually or face to face) to individuals or teams by:

  • generating a psychologically safe environment by seeking an understanding of you and your experiences.

  • developing a profoundly personal connection and authentically sharing his own experiences.

  • getting suitably involved in your content.

  • providing insightful and actionable perspectives and feedback.

  • personalising the learning. 

Based on Mike’s extensive experience, he can mentor or coach for any individual leadership circumstances and diverse business contexts.  Mike's commitment is to identify and help you close gaps in any aspect of business performance or strategy.  This mentoring or coaching can be delivered in a variety of formats - one-to-one, team meetings, development programs, workshops, etc.   

Through a blend of consulting and coaching, Mike can enable and  support transformational outcomes for projects, teams or the entire organisation.  This is based on a proprietary and proven methodology underpinned by transferring mindsets and practises that grow a leader's capability for any future commitments to deliver extraordinary results.

Coaching the Corporate Athlete

Performing in business has often been seen as a matter of sheer brainpower.  The corporate athlete model presents the hypothesis that the ideal performance state is achieved by addressing all aspects of the person rather than just cognitive development.  It recognises four levels or parts of a person that need to be addressed in order to achieve the ideal performance state. 


Mike has worked within this model for 20 years at the most senior level so has lived experience, with tools and practices to share about achieving harmony between all four levels.

Level 1 - Physical capacity

Builds endurance and promotes emotional and mental recovery.


Level 2 - Emotional capacity

Creates the internal climate that drives the Ideal Performance State.


Level 3 - Mental capacity

Focuses physical and emotional energy on the task at hand.


Level 4 - Spiritual capacity 

Provides a powerful source of motivation, determination and endurance.

Thought Leader

Mike’s ideas are packaged in an accessible format and distributed to markets that are hungry for insights into context, emerging thinking for leadership and culture, and ways to close the gaps to being extraordinary.  This ranges from keynote conference presentations to blogs, podcasts and videos. 


As a Speaker and Writer, Mike focuses attention, establishes relevance, reveals and unravels content, delivers clearly defined points, uses the power of abstraction and unique perspectives, and inspires people to take action. 


Top of mind for Mike as a Thought Leader is:

  • Where are my thoughts leading me?

  • Where can my thinking unlock things for others?

  • How can this help others sustain extraordinary performance?

  • Where can my thinking contribute to someone’s ideal performance state?

  • Where can my thoughts impact Aotearoa New Zealand?

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