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This is an opportunity to see and hear Mike in action on various leadership topics

Up Close and Personal

Mike’s contribution to a series of interviews produced by Real TV for “Up close and personal with NZ's leading visionary CEOs”.

Courageous Conversations

As part of Amanda Millar's Courageous Conversations podcast, Mike was interviewed about his book and some of the mindsets and practices that support Extraordinary outcomes.

Leading the Sustainability Challenge

In a Boma NZ hosted Impact Session (2023), Mike shares some of the leadership required to meet NZ’s sustainability challenges.

How Leaders Learn From Their Mistakes

A podcast with Bernard Hickey, which he described as "an ear-opening chat about leadership". 


Leadership in Times of Crisis

Mike shares insights into what extraordinary leadership looks like at the beginning of the 2020 COVID-19 crisis.

Leaders Getting Coffee

As part of Bruce Cotterill's Leaders Getting Coffee podcast series, Mike and Bruce discuss a variety of leadership topics.  Interview starts at the 10:15 mark.  

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