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Mike is a seasoned and experienced speaker, having presented at conferences and events across New Zealand and Asia over the past twenty years, as well as various media events in New Zealand for more than a decade.  These have ranged from the auditorium scale of 2500 people to relatively more intimate and highly interactive sessions with 50 people.

Mike has a reputation for being an authentic and engaging storyteller.  In his delivery, Mike uses models, metaphors, case studies and real-life practical examples from his twenty years as a Chief Executive working across the Middle East, Asia and New Zealand.

The breadth of Mike's experience, coupled with his delivery style, enables him to provide you with relevant insights and access to immediate action. 

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Examples of Topics

  • Managing Transformational Change - the models and leadership for designing and delivering transformational change that endures.

  • Chiefing the Tribe - development and leadership of high-performance teams.

  • Culture as a Verb - blending strategy and culture to deliver results beyond the ordinary.

  • Sustaining Extraordinary Performance - the mindset and practices of Extraordinary leaders.

  • Leadership for the Sustainability Challenge - what it takes to lead through one of our most existential global challenges.

  • The Corporate Athlete - exploring the four levels or parts of a person that need to be addressed in order to achieve the ideal performance state. 

Want to Know More?

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Types of engagements

  • Keynote presentations

  • Leadership retreats

  • Offsite workshops

  • Half day interactive leadership development workshops

  • Full day interactive leadership development workshops


Fees and Expenses

Mike's speaking fees vary. Mike travels economy throughout New Zealand and Australia, and Business Class beyond those markets.  Mike stays in 4 star or better accommodation.  He has no special dietary requirements.  All receipts will be provided within 30 days for expense reimbursement.


Follow Up Support

Mike may be able to provide coaching and consulting support and services as required.

Mike may also be available to interact or socialise after any keynote presentations if that supports you in your conference objectives.

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