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When leaders play ordinary, the organisation can only play ordinary. 

When leaders play Extraordinary, the organisation can transform.

As leaders, we sometimes achieve Extraordinary results in business and our lives, yet never really understand what it takes for these to happen more than just every now and then.  What if we could more regularly and reliably deliver Extraordinary?

In Being Extraordinary, Mike shares his model of mindsets and practices to set you on the pathway for Extraordinary results.  By confronting ordinary leadership practices, the 'Model for Extraordinary' explains the necessary conditions that enable Extraordinary outcomes to flourish.

Packed with plenty of practical experiences and insightful anecdotes, Mike illustrates how he developed and applied the model throughout his business career.

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Would you like to preview of some of the contents?

Click on any of the images below to go to the relevant snippet Mike has posted on LinkedIn. 

These are around 500 words, so a digestible and insightful three minutes of reading. 

Changing Our Stories

We do not practice the most cost-effective and underutilised leadership practice there is – reflection.


Voicing the Unsaid

The Unsaid conversation is the one that never actually gets beyond someone’s internal chatter. 


Give Up Being Right

Our Identity is the automatic impulse for our need to be right. 

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Context Matters

Developing and adapting organisational context is the primary responsibility of leadership.  


I am 100% Accountable

My commitment is “I am 100% accountable for everything that is happening around me, all the time”. 

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